UKIP Exeter organised a counter demonstration last Saturday against the “Devon for Europe” anti-Brexit rally in Exeter City Centre.

There was a fantastic turnout from over 100 pro-Brexit activists and 600 Brexit bags were gladly received by passers-by who also took more than 1200 of UKIP’s ‘Out Now’ leaflets!

Speakers of the day were:  Alison Sheridan, UKIP Exeter Chairman, Sebastian Cheek, Young Independence (YI) and Richard Ford, Interim UKIP SW Regional Chairman.

Below are links to footage recorded by Brian Cooke & the BBC Spotlight coverage. You may well spot some Kippers you recognise here!

UKIP won the day in Exeter.  The losing side (who wore their treacherous blue berets) never thought we would contest their rally; they certainly never dreamt we would turn out in such numbers and be so visual and audible! They also thought we would be intimidated by our opponents.  Those anti-British Europhiles expected to dominate the news that night, to give the impression that public opinion is changing in their favour.  They didn’t get their way.

ITV and BBC covered our rally with plenty of time allocated to UKIP’s demonstration. This must have been a real blow to the traitors, as it throws cold water on their “everybody regrets their leave vote” mantra.  In holding a counter-rally at the same time on the same day and near each other the press were forced to cover the pro-Brexit event and Remoaners were denied their headlines, putting it back onto an even keel of “there were two rallies in Exeter about Brexit”, rather than the more potent “there was a massive anti Brexit rally in Exeter”.

Katie Hopkins tweeted a picture of UKIP’s rally; “Action for Brexit” to her 850, 000 Twitter followers. That coverage spiked up a satisfyingly petulant reaction from Ben Bradshaw MP who tweeted about it being a “small UKIP gathering”. He failed to address Katie’s point of whether he had Soros’s money in his pocket or if he was just pleased to see her Brexiteer friends! That clearly got to him as did the audience reach Katie gave us.

Our upbeat and happy disposition drove the remoaners mad. How satisfying.

When they eventually sloped off they resembled refugees fleeing a war torn city. Miserable and angry, they managed to generate an atmosphere akin to a wake or a disaster rather than a rally designed to inspire others to join. Then there is their unpleasant and coarse slogan “bollocks to Brexit”. This couldn’t be better for us as their lack of self-awareness and staggering arrogance works in our favour.

When we went to visit the enemy camp we managed all too easily to demoralise and squash them.

We took along our Soros banner “Is Soros funding you Ben?” But the highlight was drowning out their “Ode to Joy” or whatever dirge they were singing with the National Anthem sung at the top of our voices. They expressed their rage about it again later that evening on Twitter- complaining that we drowned them out ….  great stuff!

They are on the back foot and they know it.

For many groups throughout history opposition has made them dig in and fight harder, as in the Battle of Britain or indeed Leavers during the referendum. The problem for the traitors is that they have no heart, no soul on which to draw their fight from. Our fight and spirit comes from centuries of history of our ancestors; it’s in our blood and in our DNA. Theirs comes from 40 odd years of oppression under a failed political project.

Many members of the public were delighted and relieved to see us there. The Exeter rally was 80% UKIP and the donations from those who could and those who couldn’t be there but wanted to support the rally really made the difference.

Thank you very much to all our own Branch members and supporters who attended and helped make this event such as success.  Also a huge thank you to other UKIP branches and to UKIP’s Alison Sheridan for organising everything and leading the singing & dancing!

Here are few images of the day …

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