Students Voting Twice Calls General Election Result Into Question

Large numbers of students have been bragging about illegally voting twice in the general election.

In a high-density student city like Bath, this could have had a serious impact on who, or which party, is now representing our local residents in parliament.

This is yet another example, along with suspect postal voting, and lack of voter identification procedures that demonstrates how the British electoral system leaks like a sieve. Although UKIP didn’t stand on this occasion, (so was not directly affected), it is nevertheless high time for strong action against election fraud.

According to the Electoral Commission, it is legally possible for students to be registered to vote in more than one place, if properly resident in each. Where this is the case, they are allowed to vote twice in local government elections – provided they live in two different council areas – but it is illegal to do so in a general election or referendum.

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