Save our Services – UKIP’s campaign supporting our uniformed services

Henry Bolton (UKIP Leader) and Mike Hookem (UKIP Spokesman for Veterans) launched UKIP’s ‘Save our Services’ campaign in London a couple of weeks ago.

UKIP’s new campaign highlights what is currently going wrong, and what needs to happen with our uniformed services.

Ask Why?

Why do we have fewer tanks than Switzerland?

Why do we have so many thousands of homeless veterans?

Why are our Armed Forces in danger of falling under EU authority?

Please take a minute to read about UKIP’s campaign and our policies specifically designed for our uniformed services. Perhaps you could make a small donation to what we believe is a very worthwhile cause








If you agree with UKIP’s campaign and would like to help us do something positive to support our uniformed services; please share this with anyone you know who might share our concerns.

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