Philip Evans Appointed Interim Branch Chairman

On 6th June, our Branch Committee voted unanimously to appoint Philip Evans as our interim Branch Chairman following Dan Evans having stood down for personal reasons. Philip had been the Chairman of UKIP North East Somerset Group since 2013 and he is now assuming the larger role of Branch Chairman until our next AGM to be held in the Autumn. We wish Philip every success in his new role.     

We would like to thank Dan Evans for the hard work he put into leading our Brexit campaign in the period leading up to the EU referendum in June 2016. There is no doubt that under Dan’s leadership UKIP Bath & North East Somerset Branch was able to significantly reduce the potential “remain” vote in Bath & North East Somerset to manageable proportions while, at the same time, ensuring that we added a large number of essential “leave” voters to the national total and secure an overall vote to leave the EU. 


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