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What North East Somerset people have told us

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  • North East Somerset residents say they are not getting value for money and feel like poor relations because Bath & NE Somerset Council does not fairly spend Council Tax in areas outside the City of Bath
  • Residents complain about lack of routine maintenance in the North East Somerset rural area. This should be carried out by Bath & NE Somerset Council but it prefers to divert scarce resources to bus gates, park & ride projects and cycle lanes in Bath. This has to change
  • All over North East Somerset our precious rural green belt is under threat and is at risk of becoming an urban sprawl. Bath & NE Somerset Council is colluding with developers by selling-out our precious green belt land and even wants to build a massive Park and Ride on Bathampton Meadows, which will ruin a scenic part of North East Somerset in order to bring only questionable benefits to the City of Bath read more …….


  • Bath & NE Somerset Council does not give sufficient priority to highway repairs in North East Somerset, while roads in the Bath constituency are invariably kept in an immaculate state of repair
  • Our road gullies get blocked; our roads get flooded, there are falling rocks, poorly maintained verges, potholes in our roads and overhanging hedges and trees all of which make our rural roads dangerous and can cause serious damage to our cars. 
  • There are rusty and broken road signs all over North East Somerset and our local road markings are worn out in many places.


  • UKIP North East Somerset Group believes that more money, time and effort must be allocated to developing and maintaining the North East Somerset highways. Bath & North East Somerset Council has been neglecting essential repairs and our roads are dangerous and look a mess
  • Rural North East Somerset residents complain they have poor transport links to Keynsham or to the City of Bath despite paying large amounts of Council Tax to Bath & NE Somerset Council.


  • One direct bus service into the main centres each week (or less) from some rural areas to Bath is hardly adequate
  • Large rural areas in North East Somerset are at risk of being developed as solar farms, which we oppose. Some have already been approved and many others are in the pipeline. In some cases, Bath & North East Somerset Council has used the council’s money to prop up what would be otherwise commercially non-viable solar farms. Output from solar farms is inefficient and is minimal during periods of winter peak demand. They devour otherwise productive agricultural land, which we badly need to avoid becoming dependent on food imports and ruin our environment
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Do we want solar panels across the Mendip Hills?

UKIP wants a bright future for North East Somerset residents, your children and your grandchildren. UKIP will ensure your Council Tax is spent fairly, protect all that is good about the North East Somerset heritage and will work tirelessly to stop the EU putting pressure on our Green Belt and jobs 

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