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UKIP will protect the North East Somerset Green Belt, will encourage development on brown-field sites and will oppose over-development

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  • Why do we need so many houses? Think about it!
  • Where are the extra people coming from?
  • The UK population massively increased by 6.9% between 2001 and 2011 largely as a result of Labour’s legacy
  • The continual stream of new EU workers arriving now and in the future adds to the strain on scarce land resources all over the country, including North East Somerset
  • There is huge projected demand for housing all over the country which means the North East Somerset green belt is continually under serious threat
  • Until now; the traditional green belts around Bath, Keynsham and Bristol have prevented them merging into one large urban sprawl. Now; to accommodate the massive wave of EU migrants expected to arrive here and settle in the future the Conservative/Liberal Democrat government has dismantled our traditional planning protections and have put our Green Belt under serious threat
  • Things were even worse under the last Labour government whose “Regional Spatial Strategy” was designed to accommodate a massive housing programme of 3 million houses all on Protected Green Belt Land, 33,000 of which would have been “around Bristol”, on protected Green Belt Land


  • Bath & NE Somerset Council has seriously alienated the Chew Valley area by trying hard to push travellers away from Bath, and into a highly unsuitable Green Belt site in Stanton Wick
  • Only after strong opposition did Chew Valley residents force Bath & NE Somerset Council to back down on an asbestos dump in Stowey quarry
  • In November 2013, the residents of Whitchurch Village were horrified to learn that the Bath & North East Somerset Local Plan included over 3,500 (and possibly 9,500 houses) beside the A37
  • Bath & NE Somerset council wants to build 200 houses in Whitchurch immediately; 2150 houses in Keynsham, 1120 houses in the “rural”areas and 2470 houses in the Radstock/Midsomer Norton area
  • Bath & NE Somerset council removed former protection for large parts of the Green Belt around Charlton Road, Keynsham; the east of Keynsham and around Sleep Lane, Whitchurch
  • Bath & NE Somerset council approved plans for 300 houses at South Stoke plateau which is part of the Cotswold Area of Natural Outstanding Beauty, and designated green belt land which provided a buffer between the rural South Stoke and the metropolitan City of Bath


  • If we continually surrender agricultural land to house building we will become ever more reliant on foreign countries to supply us with food
  • Britain needs to protect its countryside! We cannot allow perpetual high levels of development
  • UKIP does not believe these aims can be achieved by remaining within the European Union
  • The madness will not end until we have a free vote on whether we should remain in the EU

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UKIP’s key housing and planning policy announcements – September 2014

  • UKIP will protect the Green Belt
  • Planning rules in the National Planning Policy Framework will be changed to make it easier to build on brownfield sites instead of greenfield sites
  • Central government is to list the nationally available brownfield sites for development and issue low-interest bonds to enable decontamination
  • Houses on brownfield sites will be exempt from Stamp Duty on first sale and VAT relaxed for redevelopment of brownfield sites
  • Planning Permission for large-scale developments could be overturned by a referendum triggered by the signatures of 5% of the District or Borough electors collected within three months


UKIP North East Somerset

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