LibLabCons Launch New Group to Frustrate Brexit

This week saw a new all-party parliamentary group launched. It makes no secret of its aim, which is to reverse or severely water down the democratic vote to leave the European Union. It is chaired by an overtly Europhile Labour MP, Chukka Umunna and includes Europhile Tory MP Anna Soubry plus many other representatives of the LibLabCon Europhile parties in the Commons who all prefer to surrender our country to a foreign power.

Worse still, organisations such as Gina Miller’s “Best for Britain”, More United and Open Britain all reportedly support the new group, which looks set to be funded by the well-known Europhiles, Richard Branson and J.K. Rowling.

Make no mistake, the remain campaign is well-funded and is now fighting back hard. To quote the Europhile LibDem leader in-waiting Vince Cable; “We really do not think Brexit will happen now”.

Therefore, UKIP stands alone to fight back. It is incredibly important that UKIP’s voice remains strong so that we can keep fighting hard to frustrate those who wish to neutralise the democratic decision taken by the UK people on 23rd June last year.

There are sinister pro-EU forces at work and they are doing their best to negate the EU referendum result. They are trying to find any conceivable way to keep us firmly tied to the apron strings of Brussels. So, please be aware that you still cannot trust the LibLabCons. UKIP is still the only party that is 100% committed to leaving the EU.

If you agree with UKIP, please join us now and do whatever you can to help us safeguard our country’s independence.

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