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Become a UKIP Member  

Every member makes a difference to the Branch and our ability to campaign in the Bath & North East Somerset area.

UKIP members who live in our two constituencies automatically become members of Bath & North East Somerset Branch. We are fortunate to have an energetic and ambitious team of local campaigners but we are always keen to welcome more hands on deck.

When you join UKIP, you receive a membership card, information pack and access to members’ online resources. You will be able to participate in local UKIP activities, meet other UKIP supporters and vote at local branch meetings

Members receive personal invitations to national events, and a regular full colour Newsletter. Additionally, all our Branch members receive a regular local email newsletter with political news, and invitations to meet up for campaign activities, meetings and social events.

Using electronic communication ensures that we do not waste scarce campaign funds on postage, stationery and administration.  Our preferred means of communication with Branch Members is email. We do not have the resources to use “snail mail” other than in exceptional circumstances. Therefore it is essential that all Branch members supply us with an email address if they wish to keep up to date.

Membership entitles you to play an active part in selecting members of the Party’s National Executive Committee and UKIP’s candidates for Local, National and some other elections.

Membership entitles you to attend Party conferences (subject to qualifying period).

Members under 30 automatically become members of the Party’s youth wing, Young Independence (also known as YI).

As a UKIP member, you can become involved with and help the Branch as much or as little as you wish. There is no obligation to participate; some members simply pay their subscription and do no more; though it would be nice to see you occasionally at our local meetings. All participation is strictly voluntary with each individual deciding how much time, if any; they wish to devote to party activities.

If you want your voice heard in Bath & North East Somerset, share our values, would like to be part of our friendly, local team and make a difference, all you have to do is join on-line here. If you prefer, you can download a membership form

Download 2018 membership form here

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Existing Members – How to Renew

If you are an existing UKIP member, you can renew your membership on-line here

Become a local UKIP candidate

Do you live in the Bath & NE Somerset area?
Do you feel passionately about local issues?
Do you long for a return to common sense politics?
Do you support UKIP’s aims and objectives?

Our Branch is always very busy during local elections, campaigning for UKIP within our constituencies. We get involved with General Elections, local council elections, Mayor, Police & Crime Commissioner and some other elections.

 Our Branch is responsible for selecting candidates to stand for UKIP in General Elections, local elections and some other local elections within Bath & North East Somerset. If you are a UKIP member, subscribe to UKIP values and you would like us to consider you as a local UKIP candidate, we would be very pleased to hear from you. In all cases, we require our candidates to adhere to a high standard of personal conduct and behaviour.

UKIP’s core principles for local government include:

  • An end to council wasteful spending
  • An end to inflated salaries of council executives
  • The opposition of wind farms
  • Protecting our countryside and green belt
  • Regeneration of our local economies & businesses
  • A common sense approach to transport

If you feel you have what it takes we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch by emailing our Branch Chairman, Philip Evans on (or contact him by phone on 07775 840668) to arrange a personal visit or informal chat.

Come to our Branch Meetings

We hold regular monthly meetings at the New Inn, Bath Rd, Farmborough, Bath, Somerset BA2 0EG, starting at 7:00 on the first Tuesday of each month. We try to make our Branch meetings friendly and informative and we discuss topics of national and local concern. All members are encouraged to come along and meet with other local people who share our values in Bath & North East Somerset. 


We organise periodic events for our members in Bath & North East Somerset, such as action days, other meetings and events. You can find details of these on our events page.

Need to know more?

If you would like more information or to have a chat with our Branch Chairman before taking the plunge, please contact Philip Evans on 07775 840668


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