Many local members attended the recent meeting in Gloucester, hosted by Richard Ford (Interim UKIP South West Regional Chairman) and featuring UKIP’s Interim Leader Gerard Batten MEP, Young Independence Deputy Chairman, Reece Coombes and UKIP’s Small Business Spokesman Ernie Warrender. 

The event was very well attended and positive; members came away far more optimistic than they went in!  For your interest here are links to two excellent interviews with Gerard, filmed on the night. These cover most of the topics raised during the meeting.

The first is an interview held before the event, given by Reece Coombes (YI Deputy Chairman) where Gerard discusses party finances, the Brexit transition deal and social media.

The second is an interview after the event given by Jeff Taylor in which Gerard discusses new political parties, Islam & PC and pushes the message that ‘UKIP is back’!


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