Sheep and cattle farming are major businesses in North East Somerset

Britain dug for victory in World War II. We cultivated our own soil and produced our own provisions.  The fact that we were self-sufficient before we joined the Common Market meant that our country survived against those who sought to destroy us and remained independent.


It is a folly now to rely on foreign countries to supply our food.  What if these countries experience drought, natural disaster, low yields or political unrest? How much would they send to us then? 

Clearly, we would experience severe food shortages and we would go hungry.

To be self-sufficient in food production, Britain needs to have a strong, independent agricultural sector.

UKIP supports British industries. We don’t want British industries like agriculture to be swamped by EU bureaucracy. Losing British industries will weaken the country, make us more dependent on foreign supply and we therefore want British industries to flourish under British control. 

UKIP does not believe this aim can be achieved by remaining within the European Union

UKIP North East Somerset


UKIP supports British agriculture – so farmers and agricultural workers who believe in Britain can vote UKIP with confidence

UKIP’s key agricultural and fishing policy announcements – September 2014

  • By leaving the EU, the UK will leave the Common Agricultural Policy.  Outside the EU UKIP will institute a British Single Farm Payment for farms
  • UKIP will let the British parliament vote on GM foods
  • UKIP will leave the Common Fisheries Policy and reinstate British territorial waters
  • Foreign trawlers would have to apply for and purchase fishing permits to fish British waters when fish stocks have returned to sustainable levels
  • Food must be labelled to include the country of origin, method of production, method of slaughter, hormones and any genetic additives
  • UKIP will abolish the export of live animals for slaughter


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Read more about UKIP’s agricultural policy here


UKIP North East Somerset

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