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NORTH EAST SOMERSET is a desirable place to live but only UKIP is committed to supporting people who live in the North East Somerset constituency by focusing all year round on protecting local jobs, all that is good about our outstanding local environment, our cherished Green Belt, our national identity, culture, heritage, and sovereignty. UKIP councillors in Bath & North East Somerset would put local residents first and give them a bigger say in local decision-making. Here are six key ways UKIP councillors would improve local government in Bath & North East Somerset.



UKIP believes that Bath & North East Somerset council has a duty to respect the interests of local residents and not capitulate to the interests of big business or big government.  UKIP understands the concern and distress created by the continual change to and loss of public services in Bath & North East Somerset. Therefore, we would seek the consent of local people to changes, and not simply impose them.  We would give priority to local residents for housing, education, health and social services. In planning, we would respect the opinion of local residents, and we would not over-rule them


UKIP believes in real devolution and real local decision-making. We will provide incentives to encourage local enterprise; attract local jobs and re-invigorate our local town centres and local high streets. We will fight to save our rural countryside and green spaces in North East Somerset and we will not cover them with concrete to become an overflow for the Cities of Bristol and Bath. UKIP also believes it is important to ensure that local residents and veterans come first in allocation of social housing in the Bath & North East Somerset area


Within Bath & North East Somerset, we still suffer from an unacceptable level of crime and anti-social behaviour. UKIP aims to overhaul systems to make sentences meaningful; rehabilitate offenders; deport foreign criminals; free our Police from excessive form filling; tackle nuisance neighbours and anti-social behaviour. In short, we will fight to make our communities safe places in which we can feel proud to work and live


The UK has been wasting massive amounts of money on the European Union and much of our huge Foreign Aid budget is not reaching genuine causes such as a need for drinking water, inoculations or disaster relief.  UKIP’s priorities are to focus future spending on domestic needs such as home care for the elderly; the most vulnerable; public services; health care; policing and run-down roads


Housing, education, health and social services cannot cope with constantly rising numbers of people coming to live and work in Bath & North East Somerset. Bath & North East Somerset council has agreed to massive house building plans which will destroy large areas of the Bath & North East Somerset green belt and which will result in Bath and Bristol merging into one massive urban sprawl. Our council has given insufficient thought to the lack of new services, infrastructure and jobs that will be required to support the sudden influx of the new people who will move into our area to occupy these new houses


UKIP believes in direct democracy and the ability of local residents to put your community first.  UKIP would give you more power and we would submit major decisions to binding local referendums, if local residents demand it. UKIP believes that Bath & North East Somerset council has failed to respect the hopes and desires of local people. The council’s flagrant contempt for local opinion regarding the Bathampton Park and Ride, being a prime example. By electing UKIP Councillors in Bath & North East Somerset, you will be taking a vital first step towards restoring the rights of local people within your community

UKIP looks forward to the 2019 Council elections in Bath & North East Somerset 

Meanwhile UKIP will continue working hard for local communities all over the UK

You can download our full 2017 Local Manifesto here

radstockUKIP is committed to work on behalf of our community.
By voting UKIP in North East Somerset, you will get a conscientious, dedicated MP or Councillor who wants to make a difference.

UKIP is rapidly expanding in North East Somerset. Every member and supporter makes a difference to us and to our ability to campaign in our area. We have a separate Young Independence section for members aged under 30.

Our Branch is the heart of all UKIP’s activities within our constituency including:

  • Promoting UKIP within our community and running local campaigns
  • Selecting and supporting UKIP’s candidates during local, Parliamentary and other kinds of elections
  • Running monthly meetings for local members and supporters
  • Distributing UKIP campaign material, news and facts to our local community
  • Growing UKIP membership within our community
  • Raising funds to support UKIP’s local campaign
  • Representing local members’ interests at county, regional and national level

All our local campaigners are volunteers, so if you want your voice heard in North East Somerset, please consider giving your time or a donation to support UKIP and our campaign activities.

If you support UKIP’s policies then why not join us?

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