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UKIP Working for You in North East Somerset

Our team in North East Somerset is working on behalf of your local community for a just, fair and independent UK. We believe passionately in finding alternative and better ways to deliver local services while keeping tax as low as possible and bringing back democracy to local people

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NORTH EAST SOMERSET is a desirable place to live but only UKIP is committed to supporting people who live in the North East Somerset constituency by focusing all year round on protecting local jobs, all that is good about our outstanding local environment, our cherished Green Belt, our national identity, culture, heritage, and sovereignty.


victoria-hall-radstockUKIP is committed to work on behalf of our community. We want to bring back democracy to local decision making. We are honest about immigration, jobs and housing and we put local residents first. We believe passionately in finding better ways to deliver local services while keeping tax as low as possible. By voting UKIP in North East Somerset, you will get a conscientious, dedicated MP or Councillor who wants to make a difference.

UKIP is rapidly expanding in North East Somerset. Every member and supporter makes a difference to us and to our ability to campaign in our area. We have a separate Young Independence section for members aged under 30.


We are still the underdog compared to the legacy parties. We receive no government funding. All our campaigners are volunteers, so if you want your voice heard in North East Somerset, please consider giving your time or a donation to support UKIP and our campaign activities.

If you support UKIP’s policies then why not join us? Whether you are disillusioned with the other parties or are completely new to politics act now!

Get in touch. You could make a difference.

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