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NES UKIP is the voice of UKIP in the North East Somerset constituency

Our members are part of UKIP Bath & North East Somerset Branch

We campaign energetically all across North East Somerset to restore sovereignty to Great Britain by leaving the European Union

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NORTH EAST SOMERSET is a desirable place to live but only UKIP will focus all year round on protecting local jobs, all that is good about our outstanding local environment, our cherished Green Belt, our national identity, culture, heritage, and sovereignty

  • Say No to the EU to safeguard our environment, customs, culture, currency and legal system
  • Say No to the EU if you believe in British controlled agriculture
  • Say No to the EU and stop Britain paying out about £185 billion each year to the EU
  • Say No to the EU because open borders, population growth and new building are devastating our local green belt
  • Say No to the EU to give British people the right to self-determination and to choose their own destiny
  • Say No to the EU to replace a political union with a free-trade agreement (similar to Norway and Switzerland)
  • Say No to the EU because the British government must have the right to control our own borders
  • Say No to the EU because British industries and jobs grow better without outside interference

THE ESTABLISHMENT PARTIES ARE LOSING ELECTIONS TO UKIP – that’s why they are now reluctantly talking about the issues that you care about, like immigration and the EU – don’t let them go back to their old habits
UKIP IS POPULAR – because our party is made up and supported by normal people who are simply sick and tired of their genuine concerns not being addressed by the “old” parties
UKIP is continually advancing. We now have elected AMs in the Welsh Assembly and we are gaining an ever greater share of seats on local councils. Never under-estimate what UKIP has achieved thanks to grassroots support all over the country

UKIP believes the British people had a right to choose their own destiny

There has been no national issue of greater importance than our sovereignty

There would never have been a referendum on our EU membership had it not been for UKIP and without UKIP Great Britain would now be well on the road towards an ever closer European union

UKIP has won the first battle – but the war goes on – UKIP is now campaigning hard to leave the EU

The UK is about £190 billion worse-off each year because it is a member of the EU – the cost of the EU has now risen to a staggering 12% of GDP per annum


Ever since 1975 all three legacy parties sucked us further and further into the fledgling Federal European Super State without ever consulting the British people – that meant over 40 years without an opportunity to change our minds

Since 1975 we were fobbed-off and became ever more submerged under the burden of dictatorial EU Directives and “red-tape” – (remember the undemocratic Maastricht and Lisbon Treaties?)

The Labour Party, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats all lied to us and reneged on their past (false) pledges and promises to hold a free and fair referendum

Most residents – local people like you who live in towns like Keynsham, Midsomer Norton, Bathampton and Peasedown St John don’t realise the extent to which the EU directly intrudes into the affairs of Bath & North East Somerset council.  So, if you are not yet convinced; watch this video to find out more ….

Magna Carta; the Bill of Rights, and Habeas Corpus, are the foundations of British constitutional history; or so you may have learned at school. More recently, our basic rights have been undermined and destroyed by the creation of the European Union’s own system of criminal law. The EU has an ambitious plan, with a scale and reach that is truly frightening. It is being achieved by stealth, and introduced piece by piece until the intended jig-saw fits together as a whole. We are told it is necessary to combat cross border terrorism and crime. The EU is creating its own legal institutions and legal instruments that enshrine a new EU system of criminal law – that undermines and supersedes our own – centuries old, tried and tested legal system. The next video aims to show you just a few examples of how these legal powers are in force today; what the European Union intends for the future, and how European Union law seriously affects ordinary British citizens.

A key objective of the European Union is to achieve an “ever closer union”. The EU makes no secret of that. UKIP opposes Britain being a member of a supranational political organisation and we wish to recover our freedom to run our national affairs as an independent sovereign country. UKIP does want to maintain friendly trading and political relations with all European countries when we leave the EU, whilst retaining the power to make our own laws in the way we think best for Britain. Make no mistake we don’t want to stand in the way of normal day-today business relations with Europe, but we don’t want to be controlled by the EU. 

No worthwhile change to Britain’s relationship with the European Union is possible without Treaty Change but the Conservative government has admitted this is not on offer. UKIP’s view is that it never will be. Without treaty change, a vote to remain in the EU can only lead to ever increasing integration. Ultimately, our country would be fully absorbed into a federal European Union.

The European Union considers its freedom of movement rules sacrosanct. Brussels has already confirmed it will never agree to our government having the right to control our own sovereign national borders. UKIP is concerned that the European Union’s relentless enlargement to the East can only lead to even further pressure on our land and jobs from foreign workers. To put matters into perspective, David Cameron has confirmed that his government still supports Turkey joining the EU, and this would mean our borders must be opened up to another 75 million people.

If you are unhappy with our country being subsumed into a “greater European Union” vote to leave the EU on June 23rd. 

GET INVOLVED – we are still the underdog compared to the establishment parties. UKIP receives no government funding. All our campaigners are volunteers so if you want your voice heard, please give your time or donate to UKIP

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