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UKIP offers serious and credible opposition to the Tories and Labour in North East Somerset

We Will Protect the Green Belt & Reduce Housing Pressure

By Reducing Population Growth through Ending The EU Open Border Policy

We Back Strong British Agriculture So If You Believe In Britain

 You Can Trust UKIP In North East Somerset

We Will Protect British Controlled Industries and Jobs

& Believe They Will Do Better Outside EU Control

We Will Protect British Heritage & Will Curb the EU's Demands

On Our Environment, Laws, Traditions, Commerce & Jobs

We back the Right to Reliable Low-cost Transport Systems

& Support Better Rural Transport Links for North East Somerset    

UKIP BATH AND NORTH EAST SOMERSET BRANCH covers the parliamentary constituencies of City of Bath and North East Somerset. Our members campaign energetically against the failed legacy parties across both constituencies

This website is dedicated to the North East Somerset constituency
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Please visit our two constituency websites regularly for the latest news and information about UKIP’s local events 
Visit the UKIP Bath constituency website here

NORTH EAST SOMERSET is a desirable place to live but only UKIP will focus all year round on protecting local jobs, all that is good about our outstanding local environment, our cherished Green Belt, our national identity, culture, heritage, and sovereignty

THE ESTABLISHMENT PARTIES ARE LOSING ELECTIONS TO UKIP – that’s why they are now reluctantly talking about the issues that you care about, like immigration and the EU – don’t let them go back to their old habits

UKIP IS POPULAR – because our party is made up and supported by normal people who are simply sick and tired of their genuine concerns not being addressed by the “old” parties.

Never under-estimate what your support for UKIP can achieve

NEARLY FOUR MILLION PEOPLE VOTED FOR UKIP IN THE 2015 GENERAL ELECTION. Four times as many people voted for UKIP in 2015 than they did in the 2010 election. This sent a powerful message to the legacy parties. UKIP is now the third largest party in British politics in terms of vote share. Perversely, the Scottish National Party needed only 25,000 votes to gain a seat and thus achieved a disproportionate slice of power in Westminster, whereas over 3.5 million votes for UKIP only translated into one seat for Douglas Carswell MP who held our seat in Clacton. Despite this, UKIP scored a phenomenal number of second places – 120 all told (none in 2010) – proving that we have become the voice of opposition to the establishment in many constituencies. 

IN 2015 UKIP TOOK CONTROL OF A LOCAL AUTHORITY FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. We took control of Thanet District Council and Ramsgate Town Council while many new UKIP Council Groups were formed. We won 189 local council seats nationally and we saw many new Councillors elected. Matthew Goodwin, a noted academic analysed the results and in London our vote share went up 6%, in the South West 9.5%, the South East 10.9%, East Midlands 12.2%, Eastern England 12.4% and in Yorkshire 13.8%. 

UKIP IS NOW GIVING A VOICE TO ORDINARY PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN NEGLECTED AND TAKEN FOR GRANTED FOR DECADES. With almost 4 million votes, we have one-third of the votes of the Conservatives, and 40% of those amassed by Labour. We have more than two-and-a-half times the votes of the SNP and more than three times those of the Greens. We have 21 times the votes of the DUP, who have eight seats in Parliament. Sadly, the country’s outdated voting system has resulted in nearly 4 million votes for UKIP gaining a minimal number of seats. UKIP therefore believes that the current electoral system is unfair and that it disenfranchised millions of people during the 2015 election. The electoral system is broken and is in need of fixing. We are therefore now taking up the cause of electoral reform together with many other parties who find themselves in a similar position to ourselves

GET INVOLVED – we are still the underdog compared to the establishment parties. We receive no government funding. All our campaigners are volunteers so if you want your voice heard, please give your time or donate to UKIP

UKIP’S NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP – has soared to an all-time high and Young Independence UKIP’s youth wing is flourishing –  membership has hit a record high

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UKIP didn't win any wards in the North East Somerset local election but we are not disheartened. This was the very first time we have stood candidates here for Bath & North East Somerset Council and we were broadly encouraged by our share of the vote. However our result compared extremely well and often ahead of the runners-up. Now we have found our feet in North East Somerset we are now looking forward to fighting the next local council elections in our area. Here is a summary of our results. Special credit goes to Ernie Blaber for coming third in Westfield behind Labour.

Bathavon North - Dan Evans - count adjourned until Monday 11/05/2015
Keynsham North - Steve Grimes - 437 votes - ahead of Green Party & Lib Dems
Keynsham South - Philip Evans - 444 votes - ahead of Green Party & Lib Dems
Paulton - Jeff Humphries - 589 votes - ahead of 1/2 Conservative Party, Green Party & Lib Dem
Saltford - Tim House - 355 votes - ahead of Labour Party
Westfield - Ernie Blaber - 749 votes - third place - ahead of Independent, 2/2 Conservative Party, Green Party and 2/2 Lib Dems
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Thanks to Ernie Blaber for all your hard work over the past few months and your enthusiasm, commitment and determination spearheading UKIP’s campaign in North East Somerset. ... See MoreSee Less

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Newsflash! Well done to our candidate Ernie Blaber for successfully raising UKIP's profile in North East Somerset. UKIP's vote share here was 12% (up 8.6% on 2010). Massively proud to have helped UKIP to take 3rd place here ahead of LibDems and Greens. Lessons to be learned? It is now abundantly clear Labour never had any chance in North East Somerset. We are now waiting for Bath & North East Somerset local election results due at 5 PM today. Interesting times .... ... See MoreSee Less

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