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NES UKIP is the voice of UKIP in the North East Somerset constituency

Our members are part of UKIP Bath & North East Somerset Branch

We campaign energetically all across North East Somerset to restore sovereignty to Great Britain by leaving the European Union

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NORTH EAST SOMERSET is a desirable place to live but only UKIP will focus all year round on protecting local jobs, all that is good about our outstanding local environment, our cherished Green Belt, our national identity, culture, heritage, and sovereignty


  • Say No to the EU to safeguard our environment, customs, culture, currency and legal system
  • Say No to the EU if you believe in British controlled agriculture
  • Say No to the EU and stop Britain paying out about £185 billion each year to the EU
  • Say No to the EU because open borders, population growth and new building are devastating our local green belt
  • Say No to the EU to give British people the right to self-determination and to choose their own destiny
  • Say No to the EU to replace a political union with a free-trade agreement (similar to Norway and Switzerland)
  • Say No to the EU because the British government must have the right to control our own borders
  • Say No to the EU because British industries and jobs grow better without outside interference


THE ESTABLISHMENT PARTIES ARE LOSING ELECTIONS TO UKIP – that’s why they are now reluctantly talking about the issues that you care about, like immigration and the EU – don’t let them go back to their old habits
UKIP IS POPULAR – because our party is made up and supported by normal people who are simply sick and tired of their genuine concerns not being addressed by the “old” parties
Never under-estimate what your support for UKIP has achieved

  • The UK is about £185 billion worse-off each year because it is a member of the EU
  • Ever since 1975 all three legacy parties sucked us further and further into the fledgling Federal European Super State without ever consulting the British people – that meant nearly 40 years without an opportunity to change our minds
  • Since 1975 we were fobbed-off and became ever more submerged under the burden of dictatorial EU Directives and “red-tape” – (remember the undemocratic Maastricht and Lisbon Treaties?)
  • The Labour Party, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats all lied to us and reneged on their past (false) pledges and promises to hold a free and fair referendum
  • UKIP believes the British people had a right to choose their own destiny
  • There has been no national issue of greater importance than our sovereignty
  • There would never have been a referendum without UKIP and without UKIP  we would now be well on the road towards an ever closer union
  • We have won the battle but the war goes on – UKIP is still camaigning for an “out” vote

GET INVOLVED – we are still the underdog compared to the establishment parties. We receive no government funding. All our campaigners are volunteers so if you want your voice heard, please give your time or donate to UKIP

Betrayed – All you need to know

This moving video is presented by Trevor Colman who was a Member of the European Parliament for South West England from 2008 representing the UK Independence Party. He retired at the 2014 European election.

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